Excise and Narcotics Department,

Government of Mizoram


“Poetry Writing in English Competition”


In an effort to create an awareness among youths regarding the evil effects of drugs and to prevent drug abuse, Mizoram Excise and Narcotics Department is proud to present a Poetry Writing in English Competition for the youths of Mizoram. The competition will be divided into two categories – Category I will be for Class IX to Class XII students and Category II will be for College and University Students. 


Category I:    1st Prize: Rs. 30,000

                        2nd Prize: Rs. 20,000

                        3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000

                        Consolation Prize: Rs.2,000 For 10 participants.


Category II:   1st Prize: Rs. 50,000

                        2nd Prize: Rs. 30,000


                        3rd Prize: Rs. 20,000

                        Consolation Prize: Rs.2,000 For 10 participants.


B. Theme for the Competition:   “Choose Life over Drugs”


C. General information and Rules and Regulations for both categories:

  1. Submission is limited to 5 students per institution.
  2. One participant may submit ONE poem only.
  3. Poetry should be submitted online via email or WhatsApp to the following email address endcomex@gmail.com and WhatsApp number provided 9436151468
  4. Poetry must be typed out in MS Word using the font Times News Roman with Font Size 12 (those unable to comply may submit scanned copy of the manuscript to the same email address or WhatsApp number provided above)
  5. All poems must have a title (the theme provided may not be used as title)
  6. Maximum line limit is 30 for Category I and40 for Category II and minimum line limit is 10 (excluding title) for both Categories.
  7. All poems submitted must be the entrant’s original work. Plagiarized work will not be entertained.
  8. Submission must include Full Name, Roll Number, Class / Department, Name of School/College/University and a Phone Number for communication.
  9. Published/Self-published poems on any collection/book/website or social media should not be submitted.
  10.  Last Date for submission will be 12th November, 2021.
  11.  Prize Distribution will be conducted on 10th December 2021.




Terms & Condition on Poetry writing Competition can be download in pdf from the following attachment