Results of Poetry Writing



1stT. VanlalchhuangkimaClass XI (Arts), Roll No 48; Nazareth Higher Secondary SchoolDO ONCE, DO TWICE
2ndRody ZotluangpuiiClass X, Roll No 922; St. Pauls Higher Secondary SchoolADDICTION TO DRUGS, IT'S NOT WORTH IT
3rdRuth LalthanpuiiClass - XI (Science) Sec - A2, Roll No 48; Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary Guwahati CHOOSE LIFE 
C-1Moloy DeyClass XI, Roll No M43; Dawrpui School of Science and TechnologyDRUGS!! ‘A CURSE FOR LIFE’
C-2VanlalmawipuiiClass X, Roll No 21; Presbyterian English School, SerchhipADDICTION 
C-3PC LalhruaizelaClass XII-D, Roll No 73; Synod Higher Secondary SchoolA SEEKER'S ENIGMA
C-4C LalduhkimiClass  X, Roll NO 2; St. Lawrence SchoolYOU ARE PRECIOUS
C-5BoichhingpuiiClass XI-F, Roll No 2; Mt. Carmel SchoolBE THE CONQUEROR
C-6F. VanlalhriatrengaClass XII-C, Roll No 20; Mamawii Higher Secondary SchoolWELL OF HAPPINESS
C-7Ronald KapsangaClass XI, Roll No 2067; St. Pauls Higher Secondary SchoolALLURING TOXINS
C-8K. Lalbiaksangi Class X-A, Roll No 13; Baptist Higher Secondary School Lunglei  CAST IT AWAY
C-9K. LaltanpuiaClass XI (Commerce), Roll No 31; Staines Memorial School, ChanmariLIVING WITH DRUGS
C-10Mercy Zonunpuii Class X-B, Roll No 34; Mount Carmel School BURNING FLOWER
WINNERS OF CATEGORY - II (College & University Students)

1stRemalle Ruth BlessyBiotechnology, Roll No 1901BS281; Pachhunga University CollegeEQUIPOISE
2ndLalmalsawma3rd Semester, BA, Roll No 109; Govt. Champhai CollegeA SHORT BEAUTIFUL LIFE
3rdJason L. Khiangte  III Semester, Department of Commerce, Roll No 2001BCOM014; Pachhunga University CollegeODE TO MY BODY – LILIES OVER POPPIES
C-1Lalhriatchhunga MA, Roll No 2006099867; Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) LIFE OR DRUGS! YOUR CHOICE
C-2LalhmunmawiiSEM - V (HISTORY ), Roll No 97; Govt. Aizawl West CollegeTHE PROCLAMATION 
C-3Malsawmdingliana RenthleiBD - IV (Bachelor of Divinity), Roll No 2, Aizawl Theological CollegeCHOOSE LIFE OVER DRUGS
C-4H. LalhlimpuiiPublic Administration Dept, Roll No 28, Mizoram UniversityILLUDE 
C-5LaltlankimiPh.D. (1st year), Roll No 21CPPH05; Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad.PHOENIX
C-6LalchhuanawmiM.Sc. (Agriculture) II year, ID No.: 2020520008;     Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityBEFORE MY MOTHER CRIES TO YOUR GRAVE
C-7VanramengiB.Sc Life Science (1st Semester), Roll No 345; Govt. Zirtiri Residential, Science CollegeCOUNT ON YOU
C-8C.L. HmingthanzualiM.A (English) Semester I, Roll No 21FHPCMZDO4106; ICFAI University, Aizawl, Mizoram SAY NO TO DRUGS
C-9Vanlaldampuii PachuauB.A  3rd     Semester - Department Of Education, Roll No 2009BA439; Government  Johnson  CollegeSAY NO TO DRUGS, LIFE CHOSE YOU FIRST
C-10VanlalhmangaihzualaB.Sc (Horticulture), Roll No 20010300002; Doon (P.G) College of Agriculture Science and Technology, Dehradun TWO STATES OF VIEW

1st Prize winner

T. Vanlalchhuangkima (left) and Remalle Ruth Blessy (right)

Winners and consolation prize winners and Dr. K. Beichhua, Hon'ble Minister, Excise & Narcotics


1st prize winner with Hon'ble Minister and Senior officers, and Judges

Top 3 with Judges

Awarding prize to 1st Prize winner of Category-I by Dr. K. Beichhua, Minister, Excise & Narcotics

Awarding prize to 1st Prize winner of Category-II by Dr. K. Beichhua, Minister, Excise & Narcotics

Results can be download / view in the following pdf