Commissionerate of Excise & Narcotics, Aizawl have 13th New Year Tea Party on 6th January, 2014 at the Commissionerate Conference Hall. The Tea party was attended by Hon'ble Excise & Narcotics Minister Mr. _. The function was chaired by Mr. C. Lalngaihthanga, Dy. Commissioner of Excise & Narcotics. Mr. Ngurchungnunga Sailo, Dy. Commissioner of Excise & Narcotics have read out the name of those who deceased in 2013 and  led 'a minute of silence' in memory of those who bereaved. Afterward, Mr. Lalhmunsanga, Commissioner of Excise & Narcotics delivered speech to the audience. He welcomed everyone who attend the 13th New Year Tea Party of the Department. He iterated that all the enforcement personnel in the Department have done their duty in the last Christmas & New Year festival effortlessly and they deserved a day of enjoyment for their selfless work for the peace and tranquility of the festive seasons. Thus they organised such a function. Although staff in the department are not much, thanks to well-management of staff that the Department have done numerous activities in the enforcement of Liquor and drugs law in the state. He also stated that Excise & Narcotics Department was one of the best among Government's Department in managing man-power. He expressed the needs to fill up those sanctioned post which were left unfilled. He also said that Superintendent of Excise & Narcotics are accommodated in a rented house and are in great need to have a building of their own for the office of the Superintendent of Excise & Narcotics, Aizawl.




            He hun hi Pu _, Hon’ble Minister, Excise & Narcotics chuan a hmanpui a. He hun hmanpuitu Minister chuan Excise & Narcotics Department-a hnathawktute chibai a buk a. Kawng tinrenga Pathian ring a hmalam pan zel turin a fuih a. Thawktu tam lo mahse, an inpekna hlu tak vangin hlawhtlinna tam tak an hmu thei tih a hrilh a.

            Minister chuan The Mizoram Liquor Total Prohibition (MLTP) Act hman mek chu, politics-ah beihna tam tak tawk dawn mahse huaisen taka kalpui a ngaih thu a sawi. MLTP Act kengkawh turin Excise, Mizoram Police leh NGO ten theihtawp chhuah mahse, an hnathawh te a langsar lo a, mahse a hlawhtlin nana an thawh te chu a hlut thu a sawi.

            “Tuna kan dan hman mek hi ennawn a ngai dawn a. Rang takin, khauh taka kengkawh chungin 'total' lai hi tihbo a ngai a ni,” Pu _ hian a ti a. Zu khap burna (Total) hi hlip mah ila,  zu inna hmun (bar) siam erawh tun dinhmunah chuan la tih chi a nih loh thu a sawi bawk.

            Sual dona kawngah huaisen a pawimawh thu sawiin minister chuan, thil tha nia an hriat chu huaisen taka thawk zel turin thawktute chu a hrilh a. Dodaltu an awm pawhin, amah chu an hnungah a ding zel dawn tih sawiin, thil tha lo an tih erawh chuan chhan a tum loh thu a sawi.

            Home minister ni bawk R _ hian, misual ten tunhnaia mi pathum an rukbo chungchang a sawi bawk a. A rubotu misualte hian sawrkar chu hun an pe tur a ni lo tih sawiin, "Sawrkar ang chuan cheng khat pawh kan pe dawn lo a, heng ho vauzam mai chi kan ni lo," a ti. Rukbote chunga thil pawi a thleng a nih chuan a tul a nih chuan police tha chakna hmanga beihlet pawh sawrkar chuan a hreh loh tur thu leh an dam chhunga nuamsa a an awm loh tur thu a sawi bawk.

            Excise & Narcotics thawktute inhmuhkhawm hi Parliamentary Secretary Lt. Col. ZS Zuala, MLA leh Pu HL Rochungnunga, Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram, Excise & Narcotics te pawhin an telpui a ni.

            New Year Tea party 2014 hi nilenga hun hman a ni.