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*. RFD of Mizoram Excise & Narcotics Department 2016 to 2017


*. RFD of Mizoram Excise & Narcotics Department 2015 to 2016


*. RFD of Mizoram Excise & Narcotics Department 2014 to 2015


*. RFD of Mizoram Excise & Narcotics Department 2013 to 2014




What is Result-Framework Document (RFD)?

It is a Record of Understanding between a Minister and the Secretary of a Department.

The RFD seeks to address three basic questions

    What are department’s main objectives for the year?
    What actions are proposed to achieve these objectives?
    How to determine progress made in implementing these actions?


Main Sections of RFD:

Section 1     Ministry’s Vision, Mission, Objectives and Functions
Section 2     Inter se priorities among key objectives, success indicators and targets
Section 3     Trend Value of Success Indicators
Section 4     Description and definition of success indicators and proposed measurement methodology
Section 5     Specific performance requirements from other departments that are critical for delivering agreed results
Section 6     Outcome/Impact of activities of department/ministry

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