Notice on Drugs trafficking

[English translation of the NOTICE]


             Recently, a large number of Pseudoephedrine was seized from Mizo students and businessmen and travellers in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Imphal and Silchar. These trafficking were meant for Myanmar. Most of them are acted as decoy for a few sum of money for the Drugs smuggler.


             Although drugs licence holder are permitted to buy or sale such pseudoephedrine, which is a precursor chemical for manufacture of the dreadful Methamphetamine, able to find its way to illegal transaction. Methamphetamine have a harmful effect on the human body and mind. Many countries in the world have put more efforts to counter this drugs, than heroin. Possession and trafficking of Pseudoephedrine is controlled and prohibited by the NDPS Act, 1985 under the Controlled Substances Order, 2013. Any offender shall be punishable under Section 25A of NDPS Act, 1985 by imprisonment upto ten years. The Apex Committee is of the opined that if the decoy trafficker, employed by these smuggler know that their action is punishable, they do not want to involved in such racket. It is also important to note that "ignorance of the law does not excuse" or "ignorance of the law excuses no one" ( Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat).


             It is shameful to note that Mizo people are regarded as one of the main traffickers of drugs, second to Nigerian. Therefore, the Government of Mizoram, having much concern over the recent trend in drug trafficking, urges that any Mizos resides in other parts of India as a student, doing business or travellers must not involves in such trafficking.


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