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Forms form MLPC Rules:

1. Proforma for Company registration and profile registration for IMFL,etc

2. Proforma for Label and monocarton registration of IMFL, etc

3. Form 3 - Proforma for import of IMFL, etc

4. Application for issue of Hologram


5. Form 7 - Proforma for transport of IMFL, etc from Warehouse to vendor, club, etc


Forms for Mizoram Excise & Narcotics (Wine) Rules, 2008:

6. Application Form for Establishing Winery

7. Application for retail vending of wine

8. Application for transport or export of wine


Forms for MLTP Rules, 1996:

9. Application for possession and consumption of IMFL by private individual on health ground 

10. Application form for issue of Liquor Permit for Tourist


Form for Excise & Narcotics Department only:

11. Employee data collection tool leh user guide



12. Specimen signature of Commissioner of Excise & Narcotics



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